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Wonderful Legumes


What is the name of the most affordable superfood that your great-grandmother already appreciated? That’s right, it’s pulses! They are the stars among the vegetable proteins and are known to us mainly from salads or curries. That’s a shame, because pulses are incredibly versatile: from morning muesli to ice cream to crackers at aperitifs – pulses always go! The aim of the course with Lena Rutihauser, better known as Linsenlena, is to get rid of any fear of beans, lentils and the like and instead get creative in the kitchen!
We will taste some of the prepared delicacies directly on site at the Hiltl Academy, and you may take the other part with you to infect friends and relatives with bean fever.

Short description:

  • Presentation of different legumes
  • Many tips and tricks for using pulses
  • Preparation of various sweet and savoury dishes
  • Collective tasting resp. doggy bag for home
  • Recipes as PDF by e-mail

IMPORTANT: Please note that the class will be held in German.

Thursday, April 11, 2024 – 5.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Thursday, September 19, 2024 – 5.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.




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