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Welcome to our center of excellence for vegetarian & vegan cuisine. You can look forward to kitchen parties, team building events, cooking courses, professional trainings and much more on the top floor of Haus Hiltl. Psst: Here’s where we work magic to create new dishes for our restaurants and cookbooks.

From vegan to vegetarian, from homemade desserts and exotic cuisines to smoothie and cocktail courses. Learn from our amazing Academy cooks and improve your own cooking skills. The Hiltl Academy will turn you into a professional chef, eater, and drinker.

Experiment, cook, bake, eat, mix, drink and strengthen your team spirit with a fun experience! Participate as much as you like or simply let your hair down, drink Prosecco, watch and enjoy. An unforgettable, tailor-made experience!

You’ll have inspiring meetings, productive workshops and actionable brainstorming sessions in our three seminar rooms Céline, Léna and Theo. The rooms are located in the heart of Zurich and equipped with modern technology. Our team will treat you to coffee and drinks, vitamin-packed snacks and plenty of culinary magic.