Product Overview

Minimum order

CHF 50.–

Delivery time

Deliveries for 55.- in Zurich and agglomeration (further distance on request).

Orders at least 72h in advance (three working days).

Pick-up times in the Hiltl Vegimetzg

Orders outside the city limits of Zurich can be picked up at the Hiltl Vegimetzg.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

We are happy to help!

Contact: or +41 44 227 70 10

Homemade classics, condiments and drinks? We offer a beautifully varied selection and deliver our delicacies directly to your home or regularly to the office. Scroll on right here and get inspired.

à 300 g
CHF 8.90

Fruits Casimirin a vacuum-sealed bag

with Basmati rice
CHF 18.50
Tube à 100g
CHF 4.90
Tube 180g
CHF 5.90
1.5 l PET
CHF 18.00
per glass 105g
CHF 6.50
per glass 105g
CHF 6.50
per glass 240g
CHF 7.50
per glass 80g
CHF 6.50
per glass 220 g
CHF 7.50
per glass 220 g
CHF 7.50
per glass 240 g
CHF 6.50
500 g
CHF 45.00
from 6 people onwards
CHF 69.00

BBQ Platterfor 6-8 people

per platter
CHF 92.00

Green Thai Currywith planted.

1 kg
CHF 45.00
per bowl (1.3 kg)
CHF 45.00
per bowl (0.7 kg)
CHF 40.00

Looks like we're in a pickle.