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The name “tibits” stands for original vegan and vegetarian dishes. The cookbooks with recipes from “tibits” have long since established themselves as popular guides for everyday cuisine. This book presents 60 new vegan and vegetarian recipes from the “tibits” creative kitchen, refined, with natural ingredients and easy to cook at home. This includes favourite recipes of all “tibits” guests such as quinoa muesli with cranberries, orange and ginger tempeh, golden turmeric latte or chocolate and rand cake. The “tibits” recipes are also excellent for cooking for guests. The family business “tibits” has made a name for itself with its restaurants in Switzerland and London, which serve exclusively vegetarian dishes. The restaurant concept and vegetarian recipes from “tibits have established themselves as the epitome of healthy enjoyment and an uncomplicated, casual lifestyle. The two authors Reto and Daniel Frei have founded the successful “tibits” restaurants together with their brother Christian Frei and Rolf Hiltl. Both have been vegetarians themselves since they were young. For everyone who enjoys staging and sharing their food online, tips and tricks on food styling and photography are added for the first time. How can beautiful food photos be taken with a smartphone? What tricks are there for dressing and styling? With many examples and professional tips from photographer Juliette Chre tien and food stylist Mira Gisler, this book inspires you to recook the recipes from the “tibits”, develop them further and share the results with friends. Take 60 more recipes from the “tibits” cult restaurants home for many healthy vegetarian dishes with this cookbook.

Published by AT Verlag
Hardcover, 207 pages



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