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Reto 🇨🇭IT, Office

«Hoi DU! » I’m Reto and you probably already noticed, I’m quite straightforward. That’s the way I grew up in my home country Liechtenstein – we’re all pretty blunt with each other. 😉

Even though I’m proud of my home country, our prince and our monarchy, I knew after my apprentice as a cook that I’d love to see more of the world. So, at the age of 19 I moved to Seville for a year, without any spanish-knowledge. A great year full of professional growth and big fiestas. 🎉 However, this was just the beginning of my career, that brought me into various cultures all over the world. Today, I can speak six languages fluently. Along the way I successfully acquired my degree from the school of hotel management in Luzern. 😎

I currently live and work in Switzerland. For over a year, I’ve been a member of the Hiltl family. 💚 The mood here is extraordinarily good, that’s why I feel really comfortable. My job is to make sure that there’s enough food for our guests and that anyone who suffers from an allergies can enjoy their meal without any fears. 🤗 Also, I’m the project manager for the new inventory management system.

After work hours I manage a foodtruck with two friends. Obviously, food is my real passion. It has always been my dream to start my own project. My dream is now being fulfilled with my foodtruck. 💪

When I reflect upon myself, I sometimes realize that I could have worded my thoughts differently, for example. 😕 That’s why in the future I’d personally love to see more self-reflection in our actions as a society. We should be more considerate towards each other, our environment and protect our nature. 🙏 So, now YOU got to know me a little better. «Tschau Metanand!» ✌

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