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Debbi 🇨🇭Geschäftsführung, planted.bistro by Hiltl

Hoi zäme my name’s Debbie and I’ve been at Hiltl for 5 years! 🤯 💥 My career started as a hotel manager at the Unispital Zurich. 🏥🩺 That was an interesting time, as it’s not a usual gastro and hotel business. At a young age, I was often confronted with illness and death. 🕊 After my apprenticeship, I started as a barista at Hiltl Dachterrasse and was quickly promoted to shift manager. 🙌 Today you’ll find me as general manager at @eatplanted.bistro by Hiltl in Kemptthal. 🖐✨I’m very grateful for this opportunity and my great team! 💖🥰

However, at just 25 years old, I don’t want to stop there, I want to discover the world. 🌎👀 At the moment I’m learning Spanish and️ who knows, maybe I can use my new language skills in my own restaurant in Spain someday. 😏 I actually like to keep to myself. As a child, my two brothers and I only played with each other – typical triplets. And no, we don’t look alike at all! 😅 Since my time at Hiltl, however, I’ve become much more open and have even learned to love coffee! 🤗☕

Mindset is everything! 🙏 I firmly believe that with positivity and a healthy self-confidence, you can achieve anything. 🌞 Hope to see you soon – I look forward to seeing you in our bistro. ✌