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Ayca 🇹🇷Coordination, Office

Salute! I am the Ayca. ? I have my roots in Istanbul, but I was born in beautiful Switzerland and I feel at home here. What I particularly like about Istanbul is that it is the only city that is divided by two seas and lies between two continents. ? It is also exciting that the city was built on 7 hills, which in Turkish means “Yeditepe”. Moreover, the Turkish metropolis is very rich in culture, tradition and fine food. I don’t have a favourite food – everything there is simply super delicious. ❤️ Four years ago I was looking for a new challenge and started working on the weekends at the Hiltl Club at the cloakroom. Since then I have worked almost everywhere in the Hiltl – from the temporary employee at the @Hiltl Hiltl on the beach in the lido Mythenquai, webshop manager, to the Vegi butcher in the Hiltl shop / Vegi butcher. ?? Now I work in marketing for the Hiltl Club, am responsible for the checkout and cloakroom team, lead the promo team, where I am still busy looking for new “family members”: ☺️ Since I tinker with sounds in my spare time, I deliver the right songs and accompanying melodies for various Hiltl video productions. The fact that I am a foodie is a great fit, of course. ?? In addition, I am almost as hybrid as the Hiltl – because I can help almost anywhere. I think it’s important to be helpful and attentive with each other anyway. ?? What I want to give everyone on the way: Be grateful for what you have and don’t leave anything unsaid, because life can change within seconds and you can’t make up for what you missed. ??

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