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Andrea 🇮🇹Retail, Hiltl Vegimetzg

Ciao, my name‘s Andrea! 👋
I’m originally from Como, Italy, but I was born and grew up in Switzerland! 🇮🇹 I started working at Hiltl in February 2016. Two weeks ago I took the lead of the veggie butcher right next to Haus Hiltl. I’ve always been a big Hiltl-fan and every time I visited Zurich I came here to eat.🌱😍 I’m not a vegetarian, more a flexitarian. You can imagine what it’s like with us Italians. Meat plays an important part in our meals – especially on the pizzas. I’d really like to have a pizza in the Hiltl menu. A vegetarian one with a thick crust, buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, onions and basil – sooo delicious!🍕 On the whole I feel comfortable with Switzerland. Sure, there’s always room for improvement – for example in public transport. I live about 15 kilometers from Zurich and it takes like forever till I arrive at home. ⏰

I also wish that lesser known sports would be supported and shown more. Those athletes do so much and I think that this deserves some tribute! I do sports for myself – triathlon to be precise. I did my last one in the past year. This kind of competition is absolutely my thing! I’ve never quitted a triathlon – very much in tune with my motto “NEVER GIVE UP”! 🤘

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