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Adnan 🇦🇱Kitchen, Haus Hiltl

Hello! I’m Adnan. ? This is my favourite place in the kitchen, because from here you have a perfect overview! Originally I come from Kosovo. Because the situation became increasingly difficult back then, I came to Switzerland with my parents shortly before my 16th birthday. Already then I started to work as a dishwasher in the Hiltl kitchen with vitamin B. Since I felt very comfortable and learned a lot, I was able to take on more and more new tasks over time. Today I do the kitchen management and have a lot of fun with it! Above all I am very grateful to Andi and Helmut, my former superiors, because they taught me order, peace and much more. ?Nun I have been working at Hiltl for 24 years and can therefore recommend you my absolute favourite dish – the Züri Geschnetzelte! ? Today I am very happy to be allowed to live with my family in Switzerland, even if I sometimes miss the looseness and the beautiful landscape of my homeland. For the future I wish myself peace all over the world! ?❤️

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