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Meat the Green


As the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world according to “Guinness World Records”, Hiltl has stood for healthy indulgence without meat since 1898. In 2013, the pioneer of vegetarian and vegan cuisine opened the first vegetarian butcher’s shop in Switzerland, where vegetables, tofu, seitan, tempeh & co. have been butchered ever since. The corresponding cookbook «Meat the Green» interprets deep-rooted meat and fish classics in a vegetarian or vegan way and reveals many Hiltl recipes that were previously top-secret: Züri-Geschnetzeltes, Hiltl Burger, Sausage and Cheese Salad, Cordon Bleu and finally the famous Hiltl Tatar. The result is over 60 original, astonishing and enjoyable dishes that make even the most hardened carnivores’ mouths water.
Available in German, English and French.



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