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Hiltl. Veggie International. A World Of Difference.


Once again Hiltl demonstrates how delicious and creative vegetarian cuisine can be, and that such tasty food can be prepared at home – for those who can’t eat at Hiltl’s regularly or attend Hiltl’s cooking studio and enjoy the fruits of their efforts there. As in the first Hiltl cookbook, the new volume presents the recipes with detailed text and full-page photographs. Apart from recipes for Hiltl’s popular fruit juices it includes many innovative suggestions for salads, sauces, starters, soups, pasta, rice, vegetables, mushrooms and mouth-watering desserts. It is a book for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, for regular and occasional cooks, for all those who have recognized that meals without meat don’t mean doing without – they’re simply fun and taste good.

176 pages, hardcover



CHF 59.00


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