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Eating vegetables from leaf to root.


Leaf to Root®* – Eating vegetables from leaf to root.

Carrot leaves, radish leaves, watermelon rind: these vegetable parts are not only edible, they also provide new taste experiences. Just as with meat, where the fillet is not necessarily the best cut, there are also new parts to discover with vegetables: Watermelon peels become salad, kohlrabi leaves become chips, cauliflower leaves become a curry. Esther Kern, initiator of the “Leaf to Root®*” campaign, and the Hiltl professionals show a variety how to use leaves, stems, stalks and roots. The course is geared towards everyday cooking and vegetable parts that are also available in the supermarket. Thanks to Leaf to Root, you will not only avoid food waste, but you will also discover new ways of preparing vegetables for your own personal cuisine, with which you can also surprise your guests.

Short description:

  • Introduction by Esther Kern to the topic “Leaf to Root®*.
  • Tasting of raw vegetable parts, plus tips for preparation methods, with lots of knowledge about what to prepare with them worldwide
  • Participants: divide into teams, each team cooks a dish with belly-friendly ingredients.
  • Eating together
  • Recipes sent by e-mail as PDF

About the guest speaker:

Esther Kern is a journalist, author and vegetable scout. In 2014, she initiated the “Leaf to Root®”* campaign, which is about the holistic utilisation of vegetables. The book of the same name is a bestseller and has won several international awards. Esther Kern researches worldwide how to prepare vegetable parts that otherwise often end up in the compost. She knows both international traditions and modern cooking techniques. Together with the professionals from Hiltl, she wants to teach “nose to tail” for vegetables in such a way that the participants can put what they have learned into practice in everyday life.

* Leaf to Root® is a registered trademark of Esther Kern.

October 03, 2024 – 5.30 pm – 9.00 pm

IMPORTANT: Please note that the class will be held in German.

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