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Shaken or stirred? Become a barkeeper and learn all the tips and tricks about colourful drinks! After a short introduction into the history of Mixology, a presentation of the most popular drinks and the necessary accessories, you will reach for the shaker yourself. Under the guidance of our experienced barkeeper, you will prepare various cocktails which you can then enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere with Hiltl delicacies. The next cocktail party may come!

Short description:

  • Brief introduction to the history of cocktails
  • Presentation and demonstration of the preparation of different cocktails
  • Participants divide into teams and prepare the cocktails
  • in between toast together and enjoy fine Hiltl Food

IMPORTANT: Please note that the class will be held in German.

Friday, 6 March 2020 – 19.00 to 21.30                                                                                                                 

Friday, 08. May 2020 19.00 to 21.30 

Friday, 26. June 2020 19.00 to 21.30 

Friday, 04. September 2020 19.00 to 21.30 

Friday, 27. November 2020 19.00 to 21.30 



CHF 120.00

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